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Get An Engaging Company Profile Video In Charleston, SC

Email blasts are annoying, traditional sales pitches can feel too on the nose. Why not create an authentically appealing video instead? No worries if you’ve never done it before. With just a little bit of planning and the right videographer, you’ll be well on your way to crafting an engaging company profile video in Charleston, SC!

Pick What You Profile

Whether it’s your overall purpose, your team, your product, or something else, the first step to any video is figuring out your angle. Not camera angle—not yet, we’ll get to that in just a moment—but where you’re coming from, where you’ve been, and where you hope to go. Try to limit your focus and get to the core of your message. Audiences typically respond better when a message is simple and focused. Make your point quickly, illustrate it with examples, and then conclude with a strong call to action.

Keep in mind that a company profile is often distinct from customer testimonials or corporate culture videos, although they may borrow some inspiration from either one of these. If you’re looking to create a series of marketing videos, make sure your company profile video can stand on its own!

Come Up With A Shot List

Like we’ve already covered, you want to make your message as simple as possible. So how do you make sure your video is engaging? Well, that would be with the video itself. Any good message is all about balancing show and tell, usually with more of the former than the latter. Video is no exception.

Keep your language simple, but get creative with the shots you use. Talk with your team to come up with ideas for what’s possible. An effective video changes shots more than you would think, and you’ll probably need more footage than originally anticipated. Make a list of ideas to keep your project focused, but be ready to improvise and capture moments when they come up spontaneously! 

Decide Where You’ll Share Your Video

Perhaps the most important step in the planning process is deciding where, when, and how you want to share your video. A video is no good if no one sees it, right? So make sure you’re getting the most out of your hard work.

With all of the options available today, it’s never a bad idea to host your video on a variety of channels. Post it to YouTube and upload it directly to Facebook. Host it on the homepage of your website. If you have an Instagram, upload an abbreviated, “teaser” version to generate a buzz. Pair your profile video with a full-fledged branding effort to make sure the message sticks!

Creating “sponsored” video content on social media can be a great way to target a specific audience. Targeting at the local level is the best way to make sure people will see your company profile video in Charleston, SC!

Get A Professional Company Profile Video

Now you’re ready for the most important part of all: finding the right videographer. Above all, professional quality is key for making sure your video is engaging and effective. For quality, convenience, and customer service, choose GoMuse Productions for a great company profile video in Charleston, SC. We have over 18 years of experience in everything from photography and videography to design and branding. And we’ve got the best quality audio, video, and editing equipment to get the job done right. We’re with you every step of the way, from planning to shooting, and beyond.

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