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Get The Word Out With Custom Banner Design In Charleston, SC

When banners go right, they’re a beautiful sight. But when they go wrong—even a slightly pixelated image or awkward placement of text—their size only works to amplify their shortcomings. And you know what’s worse? A bad banner will look cheap, no matter how much time or money you’ve spent. Lucky for you, there are some easy steps you can take to make sure your banner is a success. Whether you’re teaming up with a professional or doing it yourself, here are the essentials for getting the perfect custom banner design in Charleston, SC.

Get Your Brand Out With A Custom Banner

Banners are possibly one of the most flexible forms of advertising. With the right design, you can use (and re-use) a single banner for a variety of purposes. Most often, businesses and organizations will use a custom banner for:

  • Outside advertising for a sale, event, or fundraiser
  • Promoting specials and deals at your point of sale
  • Showcasing sponsors and corporate partners
  • Increasing public awareness and branding of new products

Sometimes the best uses for banners are the ones you’d least expect. How can a banner strengthen your brand?

Tips For Drafting The Most Effective Banner Design

Because of their size and the process used to make them, banners almost always require the help of a printing professional in some capacity. Still, you can make the whole process easier by learning the basics of the design process and what professionals look for when they encounter a new banner project.

  • Resolution: Perhaps more than anything else, it’s important to consider text and image resolution in your custom banner design. If images are not high enough quality, a printed custom banner will look blurry, fuzzy, or stretched out. Vector files are highly recommended to allow the best possible definition at any size. The rule of thumb for photos in banner design is a final printing size with a resolution of 150 ppi or higher. The highest resolution makes it easier to maintain the aspect ratio and will reduce how much your design will need to be resized!
  • Fonts: While you may want to get creative with your fonts, remember less is more! If nothing else, you want fonts that are easy to read, often at a distance. That goes for colors, too. Pick font colors that will stand out on your background (no orange text on a bright red background). Novelty fonts may seem fun but could be difficult to read quickly. Using a single font is best, and you do not want to use more than two. Custom banners should be clear, concise, and to the point to avoid confusing readers.
  • Location & Size: Location is almost always an important point in our blog, and it’s no different for banners! But with a banner, you should think about location in relation to size. While you want your banner to be in a high traffic area where it will get exposure, the location of the banner will also dictate its size. The further away the reader is from the banner, the larger it should be! It will probably need to be larger than you think, but always check with a printing professional to help put things in perspective! Luckily, there are some great locations for custom banner display in Charleston, SC!

Time To Hire A Professional!

These tips will help you plan out your next custom banner, but professionals can offer specialty insight and spare you the headache of trying to deal with online websites. At GoMuse, we specialize in truly exceptional custom banner design in Charleston, SC. We’ve got over 18 years of experience in graphic design, photography, and more! We do it all. For each client, we bring acute attention to detail, passion, and brand awareness to help you create a lasting impression. We’re with you every step of the way (and then some!) to make your message heard when and where it needs to be heard the most!

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