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Liven Up A Space With Custom Wall Mural Prints & Decals In Charleston, SC

There’s a reason the Sistine Chapel is so famous. Yeah, we know—lots of history, Michelangelo is a master, so on and so forth. But the truth is simpler than that: it just looks awesome to have a custom mural! Whether you’re looking for something on the ceiling or going with something more conventional for your wall, you don’t need to commission a European artist. Here’s how you can get high-quality custom wall mural prints in Charleston, SC!

For Businesses

Custom wall decals are a must-have for a variety of businesses in Charleston, SC. When you’ve got high-resolution photo quality, top-notch design, and premium materials, the sky is the limit:

  • Whether you’re a coffee shop, sports bar or pizzeria, having a custom wall mural can a lot to help create the proper atmosphere. Consider hiring a photographer to come up with some great high-resolution shots or work with a graphic designer to turn your branding into custom artwork!
  • Point of Sale. If you’re really looking to make an impact for your customers, you want to do it where it matters most: your point of sale. Display your products, prices or simply make it look good! Custom murals and decals are perfect for taking your point of sale to the next level.
  • Adding Accents. Help liven up any space, from waiting rooms to restrooms. Showcase pictures of happy customers, add impressionistic art or incorporate other simple but attractive designs. Custom wall mural prints and decals offer flexibility for every part of your business!

For Homes & Living Spaces

You don’t have to own a business to benefit from decorative design. Enhance your home in Charleston, SC with wall decals and prints that are perfect for any room:

  • Living Rooms. With some of the best wall space in the house, living rooms, family rooms and dens are perfect for showcasing art. Don’t worry about hammering or frames. Leave it to the pros! Whether you want a family portrait or a snapshot from your favorite vacation spot, you and your family are sure to love your custom mural.
  • Great for children, teens, and adults alike. Who wouldn’t want an awesome mural in their bedroom? Create a relaxing environment or put up the kids’ favorite cartoon characters!
  • It’s easy for bathrooms to get bland. But they don’t have to be! Choose a theme, from coastal shells to modern minimalism, and incorporate the right decals to bring it to life!

Wall To Wall Satisfaction: Custom Murals By GoMuse

Michelangelo had his muse, and now you do too. For expert wall mural prints and decals in Charleston, SC, choose GoMuse. We have over 18 years of experience in all things design, branding, photography, and more. We can help you at every stage of the process, from planning to photography, design and installation. Let us bring your ideas to life in style.

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