Digital billboards are an effective and cost-efficient component of many advertising portfolios. They provide more flexibility than traditional billboards and signage, allowing messaging to be easily changed and accessible among a number of locations. Perfect for seasonal offerings, events, specials and sales, digital billboards are quickly becoming a go-to way to take advantage of the marketing potential provided by Charleston’s high-traffic roadways. Don’t sell your organization short by relying on an amateur designer. Hire GoMuse Productions today for expert digital billboard design in Charleston, SC!

The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

In a world that seems to be locking people to their phones and devices, there’s nothing like a large outdoor billboard to get them to look up! When they look, will your organization be there—or will it be your competition? Don’t take the chance. With an effective digital billboard design in Charleston, SC you can take advantage of low-cost impressions and high ROI. Our packed roadways may be a bane for commuters, but they’re perfect for advertisers! With a powerful billboard, you can ensure large-scale visibility on a daily basis. Engage consumers at times when they are most likely to actively purchase a product, and drive action with an effective design.

Why GoMuse?

At GoMuse Productions, we have over 18 years of experience in graphic design, photography and videography. We can help you with your digital billboard design in Charleston, SC. Taking pride in working closely with our clients, we will be your personal muse, working to bring your vision to life. With design expertise founded on deep brand awareness and an acute attention to detail, we will help you achieve a powerful billboard design that gets results.

Charleston, SC Digital Billboard Facts

Here are some key facts about digital billboards in the area:

Ads tend to run for 8 seconds.
Your ad will likely be displayed every 48 seconds.
There are usually between 6-8 advertisers per billboard.
Ads shown per day range from 1,350-1,800.
Visibility for a single billboard can be up to 100,000 drivers daily!

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