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Create Memories With A Professional Family Photographer In Charleston, SC

When it comes to family photos, most of us have one of two memories: the satisfaction of coming together as a family to pose for a lovely formal shot—or struggling to survive an awesomely awkward shoot. Wait, you mean to tell us you’ve never had the nice experience? Well, today we’re here to fix that. Family photos are all about capturing the memories that go along with them. Here at GoMuse, we want you and your family to have a positive experience from start to finish. Here are a few tips for working with a professional family photographer in Charleston, SC!

Settle In With The Perfect Setting

You’re already halfway there—you’ve got your family. Now you just need somewhere to put ‘em! Traditional family photos were shot in small studios in shopping malls—you know, the kind with those single-color fabric backdrops… But this is 2017. Feel free to get creative! Whether you’re at home, outside, or elsewhere, pick a location that’s fun or meaningful for your family.

The right setting also involves finding the right time. Well, finding time at all, right? Between soccer practice and work and the bake sale? Choose a time when you won’t be stressed so that you can focus on having some fun with your family and your photographer.

Tips For Creating Positive Memories

Remember, you’re a family, not a dictatorship. We know, desperate times call for desperate measures. And sometimes the stress of hiring a professional family photographer and wrangling up all the kids can send parents into red alert. But if you want to create positive memories—both for you and the kids—try to make the process fun and team-oriented. Be willing to compromise. Your expectations might be different from your spouse’s, and they’ll almost definitely be different from your children’s. Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

  • Choose a stylish, semi-formal wardrobe that’s comfortable. Remember, you don’t need to match—just choose colors and clothes that complement one another!
  • Pair your photoshoot with a fun activity. Whether it’s going to the beach or a park, the right setting can keep your family engaged and having fun, leading to more great natural shots!
  • Brainstorm ideas for shots you want to take beforehand. Talk as a family first and then with your photographer. Try for a few serious shots and a few fun shots!

In the end, your photographer is part of your team. Hiring a professional family photographer guarantees you’ll have some solid direction and support, but it takes everyone’s help to make a great, memorable family photoshoot.

With GoMuse, Your Family Is In Good Hands

If you’re looking for a great professional family photographer in Charleston, SC, choose GoMuse. We have over 18 years of experience in everything from portraiture to studio and commercial photography. And we have the best equipment to get the job done right, too. Let’s get some great shots and have some fun while doing it!

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